Introducing CORE with COVIE

  • Certified Zumba Instructor 

  • Personal Trainer

  • Plant Based Nutritionist 

  • Masters in Clinical Social Work

  • Former Division 1 WBB Coach & Athlete

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Pink House Studio
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Zumba Dance Class

Class Schedule

7:00-8:00am 7:00-8:00pm: M & W

7:00-8:00am:  F 

9:00-10am: S

Boot Camp

Boot Camp encompasses interval training and weight training. The goal is to burn calories while toning muscle. This class is offered virtually and In-person. Sign up now!

6:00-7:00pm: W

10:15-11:15am: S


Working out is FUN especially when you are expressing yourself through dance. The 50 minute playlist will include; Latinx, Afro- beats, Hip-Hop, 2000's Rock and other music from a variety of genres. This class is offered both in-person and virtually. Sign up today!

Based on Availabilty

Basketball Player Development

Expect to learn finishing moves to help score more points, develop coordinated movements to better control the ball and practice footwork drills that train you to quickly change directions and blow by your opponent. Finish strong by putting all we have learned into game situation drills. Lessons are based on your availability. I work with grades 3rd-12th and college athletes. 



Guide to Success

Want to lose weight, gain muscle, kick an unhealthy habit/routine, become Plant-Based or create a healthy lifestyle that will last? Well you have come to the right place!


I have cultivated a program specifically for you!  

I believe that with the right instructions and discipline you can reach your goals and have FUN while doing it. 

 My goals are to:

1. Give you the tools to improve your life both physically & mentally

2. Create healthy habits that you can maintain

3. Establish a culture where you are free to sweat, have fun while reaching your fitness goals

What are you waiting for? The change starts now and it starts with YOU!!

Athletic Woman

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